Featured Products

Amplification Solutions

Amplifiers used to distribute CATV, MATV, and/or SMATV

AutoPan Webcam

Essential for any web meeting where the presenter is in motion

CATV Fiber Optic

High quality signal transmission provides reliability and an excellent performance


Stream video to remote locations where local television may be difficult to access

DT-HDMP-1 Media Player

Easily distribute information over a building internal TV system remotely


Encode and modulate 12 Composite video and audio SD sources to a QAM output

HDMI Extenders

Extend HDMI up to 12.4 Miles

Headend Assembly Services

Get a custom-built and configured headend system that’s ready to install and activate.


Beam signals easily using microwave links

Media Converters

Copper-to-Fiber Media Converters provide a solution for RF or electrical interference


Insert HD content into coaxial and IP distribution networks


ATSC Smart Amp

Automatically repositions over-the-air channels


Stream HD video to multiple TVs directly on an Ethernet network or through a QAM modulator


Wall Mounted Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Thermal Camera

Highly accurate temperature measurement thermal cameras


Distribute HD video anywhere on your LAN