Easily beam LAN signals between structures across your sites.

No trenches to dig. No network cables to run between buildings. Beam signals easily using microwave links. No license required.

Whether it’s a fixed or temporary location, quickly deploy robust voice, data, and web connectivity across distances that far exceed the capabilities of WiFi alone. It’s fast, safe, reliable and secure.

This cost-effective solution is the short, medium or long-range connectivity answer for everything from remote and temporary installations, to video surveillance camera systems, connecting campuses, hotel bungalows and carriage houses, business locations and so much more.

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Rapid Installation

Make use of specialized LigoWave solutions for a variety of surveillance scenarios and without the headache of future-proofing the infrastructural plan.


Simplify surveillance network setup with an intuitive GUI, proprietary installation tools, innovative mounting brackets, and PoE functionality.

Easy to Maintain

Minimize downtime by optimizing how you maintain your wireless video surveillance network with LigoWave software solutions for centralized management and troubleshooting

Extended Coverage

Take advantage of the extended coverage capabilities of LigoWave equipment and be assured that your video surveillance infrastructure is used effectively and efficiently.

High Performance

Bring powerful hardware and activity prioritization into your wireless video surveillance infrastructure for extended capacity, minimized latency, seamless HD/UHD video, and more.


Ensure exclusive entry to your surveillance channels with multiple layers of security: credential-based access, AES-128 encryption, and management frame protection.

Easily provide wireless solutions for a range of projects

Disaster Recovery

Rapidly deploy video, voice, and data connectivity for emergency situations


Simplify and empower your video surveillance installations

Lodging and Institutions

Provide fast, secure and reliable networking, including WiFi at hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


Deliver stable & secure Wi-Fi connectivity to companies and institutions


Keep up with resource-hungry applications while providing coverage across the campus


Simple, flexible deployment options to customize for the needs of any business

Control it from your PC, tablet, or mobile

Manage devices with the easy-to-use cloud-based Infinity controller. No additional hardware is needed to control up to 50 devices.

There are 3 ways to integrate your network:




Connectivity is not an option anymore. Your customers depend on it to survive. Tell us about your project, and we’ll show you how a Ligowave system will make you a hero to your customers.

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