Distribute important information over a building internal TV system, such as a nursing home, without dispatching people to individual rooms.

It can be integrated into either an analog modulator system using the composite out, or a digital system using the HDMI output.

And if you don’t want to give up an existing channel, you can use an additional modulator, such as our CT-SAW860 analog modulator or the DT-IPTV-QAM-ASI-2H digital modulator.


Content can be created and added easily using standard computer programs and a USB thumb drive, making it very easy to set up and maintain. It even includes a remote control!

Easy Content Creation

Many other digital media players and digital signage players require specialty software and/or training to create content. Ours does not.

Flexible Distribution

Our unit has both component (analog) and HDMI outputs. Many of the more expensive signage units only have HDMI which means they require a separate converter.

Get Full Specs

The DT-HDMP-1 Series Mini Signage Player Offers
Easy Content Creation

Design your content on your computer using any program that can create .jpg images such as PowerPoint and save it to a thumb drive or memory card. No specialty software or training required.​

Insert the thumb drive into the DataTronix DT-HDMP-1 and leave it there.​

Connect the component or HDMI output of the DT-HDMP-1 to a modulator input in your existing headend.

Content is now available on all TVs connected to your existing TV distribution​.

For an even more robust signage solution with cloud-based real-time editing, learn more about NACEConnect SignEase.
Mini Signage Player NACEConnect SignEase
Low one-time cost
No upfront hardware cost
No recurring fee
Affordable monthly subscription
Create images using industry standard applications
Create rich video and graphics using a vast library of templates
Remove physical thumb drive to modify content and reinsert into player
Cloud-based portal for real time editing of content from anywhere

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