Smart Amp

Get more terrestrial TV with better signal quality

Combining multiple antennas for terrestrial television with a simple splitter causes many problems

  • Channels with the same channel
    number are lost
  • Adjacent channels are poorly isolated

  • Bad signal quality causes interruptions
    and poor video quality

The Johansson Smart Amp solves these issues easily!

The Smart Amp autoscans all available channels, allows you to set up antennas for 360-degree over-the-air reception, and is compatible with all terrestrial standards. In addition, it’s 4G and 5G resistant.

  • It’s a fully automatic active channel amplifier for digital terrestrial TV.

  • This small product offers you better signal quality and more TV content because it repositions channels with the same frequency.

  • It diplexes adjacent channels, with real-time and automatic gain control.

Installation is Simple


Mount the smart amp indoors or outdoors
close to your antennas.


Connect up to 4 terrestrial antennas.


Connect the output to your coaxial network.


Use the external power supply to power the smart amp.

The autoscan function will do the rest!

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