HDMI Extenders

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Need to Extend HDMI signal longer distances?

HDMI Extenders


Large-format HD displays are showing up in more places than ever. Depending on the application, there are a variety of connection methods. To get the performance you expect, you have to consider cable length from your source to your HDMI display. You also have to consider the type of signal or data you want to transmit.

For distance, HDMI transmissions of less than 10 meters may only require a traditional passive HDMI cable. But to go beyond 10 meters, you need some form of active signal extension. Whether you need a simple active HDMI extension for 50 feet, a 12.5 mile link—or anything in between—we have your solution!

CableTronix HDMI Extenders feature a range of options, depending on your distance, signal requirements, and system configuration.

CableTronix HDMI Extension Devices


HD & Infrared Control Over a Single Cat5e/6

180 feet

HDMI 2.0 Fiber Optical Cable (FOC)

HDMI Extenders are designed to preserve signal quality over longer distances. Don’t let your HDMI cables be the weak link in the system!

Connect your HDMI extenders with these new cutting-edge HDMI cables with built-in fiber optic transceivers. They transmit up to 4K HD video signals….perfect for TVs, projectors, A/V receivers, and much more. No separate power is required, as they use the standard HDMI power from the connected device.

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