Distribute HD video ANYWHERE on your LAN

Stream HD video to your network in sports bars, restaurants, stadiums, college campuses, K-12, offices, hotels, airports, malls, sports books, institutions, hospitals, broadcast facilities and more.

The DataTronix® VidCasterIP is a hardware-based system for the distribution of HD audio/video content over existing IP networks. This solution allows properties to utilize their existing IP infrastructure to add HD video distribution without the additional expense of installing new wiring.

The VidCasterIP system is designed for use in a wide variety of applications such as sports books, arenas, convention centers, conference rooms, retail, bars, and restaurants with large TV systems. Operation is as simple and intuitive as using a tablet or PC. 

The VidCasterIP system can be scaled to a matrix size of 40 HD inputs and as many as 176 HD display screens. 

With this budget friendly approach, the operator can scale a system’s size over time by adding additional HD sources and receive points as the need and budget allows.

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