CATV Fiber Optic
Transmitters and Receivers

RF signal loss increases with frequency and distances. Fiber Optic (FO) cables have very low signal loss compared to coaxial cable and transmit RF signals greater distances. Even better, and not typically thought of, RF signals over fiber can be run through noisy RF environments without interference regardless of distance. Incorporating Fiber Optic transmitter and receivers in your distribution system ensures high quality signal transmission providing reliability and an excellent performance to price ratio.


Indoor CATV Fiber Optic Transmitter

The FT-FTX-* series are state-of-the-art, rack-mounted, CATV fiber optic transmitters designed for the fiber optic distribution of broadband RF signals. Units accept a flat RF signal within the 47-860 MHz bandwidth and transmit signal using optical cabling over single-mode fiber at 1310 nm. This series has transmitter models with output levels of 6dB or 10dB.


Indoor CATV Fiber Optic RX Node

The FT-HHRX-1000-SC-MINI is an indoor CATV fiber optic node with a receive frequency range of 47-1,000 MHz. This unit is perfect for commercial and residential fiber applications needing a low loss virtually noise-free CATV transmission system.


Indoor CATV Fiber Optic RX/TX Node with Reverse Path

The FT-HHRX-870-1-SCAPC is a state-of-the-art fiber node with a receive frequency range of 54 to 870 MHz, and a reverse frequency range of 5-42 MHz. This unit features an integrated return path transmitter. The automatic gain control (AGC) function has been specially designed to simplify installation and network maintenance by compensating optical input power changes.

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