Video Surveillance,
RF Distribution, &
DIRECTV Digital Technologies Training Classes

Las Vegas, NV

There is no better way to learn how to configure and support a product than with live, hands-on interaction! Elevate your technical abilities without breaking the bank by enrolling in enhanced training courses offered by our skilled NACE professionals at the NACE Nevada Training Center in Las Vegas. Get to know the NACE system assembly and support team members who build your systems and help solve your technical issues each and every day.


  • Video Surveillance

    SecurityTronix Technologies Course

  • Intermediate RF

    Now includes Trunk Line installation training

  • COM3000/Digital

    Includes MediaTune training

Completion Certificates provided
This training will translate into less truck rolls and fewer support calls through better installation practices. Gain valuable experience under our direct guidance and boost your confidence when encountering real-world situations in the field.
SecurityTronix Video Surveillance Technologies Course
Introducing our comprehensive entry-level Video Surveillance Technologies course designed to equip you with the fundamental technical skills required for the rapidly expanding security industry. This eight-hour intensive training program is meticulously crafted to provide you with a solid foundation in designing and installing a basic video surveillance system. Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the competition!

The class includes:

  • Examination of cutting-edge methods and equipment, including:
    • IP and coaxial digital video surveillance cameras
    • Cabling
    • Powering
    • User interfaces
    • Networking considerations
    • System design
    • Housing ingress/egress and kinetic rating
    • Remote app demo
    • Video storage options
  • Two comprehensive exercises that culminate in an actual system design based on a given customer’s specifications and building plans
  • Hands-on practice designing and installing a basic video surveillance system, including:
    • Understanding recorder contents
    • HDD installation steps
    • Setup wizard walk-through
    • Connection and mapping of cameras
    • SADP
    • Analytics
    • PTZ programming
    • Recording schedules
    • P2P/remote viewing setup
    • Point-to-Point IP microwave system configuration
  • CCTV installation certificate

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Intermediate RF Course

The Intermediate RF Course includes:

  • How cable length affects different RF frequencies
  • How to calculate signal loss over an RF plant
  • RF plant design – incorporating taps, splitters, amplifiers etc.
  • RF plant troubleshooting
  • Ingress/Egress – how to reduce interference
  • Incorporating system slope to ensure balanced signal throughout the distribution plant
  • Trunk Line installation training

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COM3000/Digital Course

The COM3000/Digital Course includes:

  • COM3000 overview & capabilities
  • Operation of legacy COM systems still in use on sites today
  • COM3000 component overview
    • HD COM51 card
    • New watermarked COM50 card
    • QAM modulator
    • IP Multicasting and QAM output capabilities
    • Analog NTSC-16 and DT-NTSC-32 converters
    • Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP) integration
    • Mediatune configuration
  • DT-ATSC series FREE over-the-air TV signal configuration (QAM and IP output)
  • Blonder Tongue Clearview 4:2 transcoder integration
  • COM3000 installation best practices

  • Detailed navigation of set up and configuration functions
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) setup
  • Digital QAM modulation
  • Meters and tools for proper setup, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Full system troubleshooting
  • MediaTune training

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