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SecurityTronix ThermScan

Wall Mounted Non-Contact
Forehead Thermometer

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Help your customers stay compliant with CDC and state guidelines

Be vigilant! Sell them the SecurityTronix ThermScan for their first line defense.

Only $229 each. $199 each in a 12 lot.

Lower cost than thermal cameras

Highly accurate

Quick and easy to install

Alarm function


Reduces usage of PPE for manual scanning

Quick automatic measurement


Cost-effective, even for small businesses

The SecurityTronix ThermScan™ accurately and instantly scans the forehead and alerts by alarm if an elevated skin temperature is detected.

ThermScan is an easy sale to your existing customers. Load 12 on your truck and visit your commercial customers to quickly get them compliant with temperature screening at their place of business.

The intent is not to diagnose, but to raise awareness so people can get a proper assessment before fully entering the business.

Eliminates the expense
of an employee with a
hand-held device

If a business wanted to take full precautions, they could hire someone to stand at the door, outfitted in full PPE, and take the temperature of everyone arriving. 

If it’s a 24/7 facility, then there would need to be 5 employees for a week, including coverage for breaks. Add to that cost the disposable PPE that needs to be provided for all of them. 

Save your customers thousands of dollars by eliminating manual screening.




ThermScan (ST-THERMSCAN-1)
This product is not a medical device, it is a non-medical surface temperature thermometer. It does not diagnose a medical condition.

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