With this innovative technology, you can easily filter, balance, mix and amplify signals from up to 3 antennas, all without the need for complicated and cumbersome mechanical solutions.

ATSC Digital signals require a different approach.

Commercial analog Off-The-Air (OTA) TV systems used to require a particular skill set and strong knowledge base to complete the installation, including the use of processors, bandpass filters, high low separator joiners, and various antennas. 

Digital is different. Signals are more sensitive, but the SmartKom Off-Air Antenna Amplifier simplifies the installation process with auto-configure functionality that allows your technicians to immediately become subject matter experts, with 90% of installation problems remediated in a matter of seconds.

Save hundreds of hours of aggregate installation time while achieving a higher rate of success with the SmartKom Off-Air Antenna Amplifier.

The SmartKom Off-Air Antenna Amplifier is a professional OTA television signal processing solution designed for simple and easy installation without the need for in-depth technical knowledge of TV signal transmission, reception, combining and distribution. 

Using a simple, two-step process, the SmartKom Off-Air Antenna Amplifier blends signals and allows you to identify, adjust, and configure channels automatically with the click of a button, giving you a higher success rate while simultaneously saving both time and money.

SmartKom Off-Air Antenna Amplifier


  • Process up to 3 separate VHF or UHF off-air antennas

  • Auto or manual programming via Bluetooth

  • Plug & Play: automatically program and adjust channel level by pressing the auto programming button

  • Manual programming of the amplifier can be done wirelessly using a smartphone or tablet, with the ASuite application

  • Digital channel processing, designed for installation outdoors or indoors

  • Equipped with (3) inputs to amplify terrestrial OTA signals (VHF+UHF), each channel can be individually filtered by any of the (32) available programmable filters

  • Automatic gain regulation of signal in each filter (AGC)

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