Add more channels
to your guest room
TV lineup
for FREE

Additional Crystal-clear
Digital TV Channels

No Subscription Costs
to your Property

Equipment Costs

Accessing free TV channels from over-the-air wireless signals is now possible for your property. Many areas can receive 50 additional crystal-clear digital TV channels or more! This means you can keep guests happy by offering them an expanded selection of programming, but with no subscription costs to your property.

Getting started is easy.

DataTronix will connect you with an experienced local installer who can provide an equipment quote and manage all of the details, so you start receiving more free TV channels and increase the value to your guests.

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For details about the one-time equipment costs, how to get started, and any other questions you may have, reach out today for more information.

As an example, here are the FREE over-the-air TV channels available in the Las Vegas market

Adding these channels is simple with just a one-time purchase of equipment (plus cables and connectors):