HDMI Splitters

Are you looking for a simple and more cost effective way to display the same HD content on multiple screens?

CableTronix powered HDMI splitters are your solution!

Available in 2 and 4 HDMI outputs that display HD simultaneously, support 3D format and up to 4K resolution, CableTronix HDMI splitters are compact and can be cascaded to achieve additional outputs, creating a larger distribution of HDMI displays.

CableTronix HDMI Splitters


  • 1 HDMI input, 2 HDMI output
  •  Power supply included

  • HDMI V1.4b and HDCP V1.4

  • Supports full 3D and 4k x 2K resolution

  • 2.97Gbps bandwidth

  • Size: 2.75” W x 2.36” D x 0.787” H

  • Weight: .27 pounds

  • Available HDMI Cables
    (Cables are not included)


  • HDMI input, 4 HDMI output

  • Power supply included

  • Supports full 3D and 4k x 2K resolution

  • 340MHz/34Gbps per channel bandwidth

  • Size: 2.75” W x 2.375” D x 0.75” H

  • Available HDMI Cables
    (Cables are not included)

When splitting video to multiple displays how do you ensure that your source outputs at the proper resolution?

A single display will handshake with the source to synchronize resolution using a protocol known as EDID. The CableTronix HDMI EDID emulator locks in a resolution and eliminates any synchronization issues to ensure compatibility in multiple display environments.

The CableTronix CT-EDID-1 manages and controls the extended display identification data (EDID) information between HDMI sources and HDMI displays to lock in a resolution and eliminate any synchronization issues. The unit allows for the manual selection of HDMI resolution in instances where the automatic EDID function can not handshake with the source and the sink device such as a display, splitter, converter, extender or other HDMI device.

With 16 available EDID correction modes and the ability to support 4K and consumer electronics control (CEC), you only need to keep one model in stock for even the most uncommon installations. The CT-EDID-1 is bi-directional and supports HDMI cable lengths of up to fifteen feet at the input and output.

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