Set Top Box


Simplifying Access and Recording for Viewers

CableTronix digital TV set-top box is designed with innovation and the user experience in mind. The CableTronix set-top box addresses critical challenges that hinder viewers from accessing and recording their preferred content.

The CableTronix digital TV set-top box seamlessly integrates over-the-air and unscrambled digital cable TV channels with any television, providing a hassle-free viewing experience. Equipped with a range of features, including a favorite channel function and closed captioning (CC) for the hearing impaired, this device ensures that entertainment is accessible to all.

But that’s not all. With its built-in DVR functionality, users can effortlessly record and playback their favorite TV shows at their convenience, never missing a moment of the action. Furthermore, the set-top box boasts a digital clock display and a media player feature, allowing users to enjoy videos, music, and photos via the USB port. Optional 128GB USB Drive available: DT-USB-128GB

Connecting the CableTronix set-top box to a TV is a breeze, thanks to multiple options such as HDMI, RCA, and Coax cable outputs. To make setup even easier, the set-top box comes with all essentials, including a remote control with batteries, power adapter, and user manual.


CableTronix Set Top Box CT-STB-DVR