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Superior Quality Transcoding

DIRECTV Approved

These units offer a proven DIRECTV-approved transcoder solution.

The Clearview Series delivers flawless live linear or on-demand video utilizing ultra-low latency hardware-based MPEG video compression, transcoding, and transrating technology to provide superior quality at low bit rates. Clearview one rack unit (1RU) solutions feature simple interfaces with remote management, plus the ability to download and upload configuration files for multi-unit developments.



Benefits Include:

  • H.264 to MPEG-2 transcodes up to 24 HD or SD programs
  • Full 1080p HD support, IP input to IP output
  • Compatible with Technicolor’s COM3000 DirecTV receivers
  • Compatible with the NXG Platform to support on-site bulk transcoding applications

The Clearview 4:2 is a professional grade, low cost per stream transcoder that can transcode up to twenty-four (24) HD or SD programs from H.264 (MPEG-4) to MPEG-2 output in a 1RU form factor. The unit accepts unicast H.264 IP video transport streams and re-encodes the video content to HD or SD MPEG-2 transport streams for IP Unicast delivery.

Blonder Tongue’s cutting edge video compression technology supports low video bit rates while maintaining high picture quality. The Clearview 4:2 provides an easy to use interface and the ability to download and upload a configuration file for multi-unit deployments.

The transcoder can be configured to receive up to twenty-four (24) H.264 AES-128 encrypted IP channels from Technicolor’s COM3000/2000 satellite receivers. The Clearview 4:2 decrypts the AES-128 content and transcodes the decrypted H.264 content into MPEG-2 while preserving DIRECTV “forensic watermarking”. The content is then returned to the Technicolor COM3000/2000 devices. The Clearview 4:2 will also accept “in the clear” H.264 content.



Benefits Include:

  • Creates a 16 NTSC RF analog modulated channel lineup
  • Decodes MPEG-2, H.264, and H.265 video content
  • Dolby® Digital AC3, AAC, MPEG1-Layer2, MP3 audio decode
  • Line 21 Closed Caption EIA 608 pass through
  • Supports AFD or Manual aspect ratio config., 4:3 or 16:9

The Clearview NTSC16 is a cutting-edge 1RU, multi-channel digital to RF analog synthesizer, designed to convert up to 16 HD or SD programs and the primary audio channel to 16 NTSC modulated RF analog channels.

It can input MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264 (AVC), or H.265 (HEVC) formats from an IP transport stream. Each IP MPEG transport stream is decoded, NTSC synthesized, and modulated to an STD, IRC, or HFC RF analog channel. All 16 NTSC channels are agile within a 208 MHz frequency block. Users may place the 208 MHz block anywhere within the 54 to 1002 MHz frequency span.

DIRECTV-approved transcoder solution without the learning curve.
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