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Commercial and Residential Applications

Distribution Amplifiers are used to distribute CATV, MATV, and/or SMATV to multiple locations ensuring all devices receive the proper strength signals

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1 GHz Multi-Media Drop Amplifiers

Cable television signals at a residential location can often become under-powered via losses encountered with homerun splitting devices. The CTHDA and CT-BDA series amplifiers are ideal drop amplifiers with minimal decibel gain footprints to help offset such losses and improve the decibel power levels to all connected set-top boxes and modems. All units feature bi-directional (5-1,000) Mhz frequency compatibility, allowing broadband modem content to pass forward and reverse through the amplifier unit. Specifications vary from passive to amplified reverse path compatibility. All models feature high port-to-port isolation, and include coaxial power supplies for ideal unit placement.

Model No. CTHDA-1P

Single input, single output, 15 dB forward gain, passive return

Model No. CTHDA-2P

Single input, two outputs, 10 dB forward gain, passive return

Model No. CTHDA-1A

Single input, single output, 15 dB forward gain, 10 dB reverse gain

Model No. CT-BDA24

Single input, single output, 24 dB forward gain, 12 dB reverse gain with adjustable gain control & switchable FM trap

Model CTA-35/1000PR

The CTA-35/1000PR is a commercial amplifier with 35 dB of forward gain across a bandwidth of 5-1000 Mhz. This amplifier was designed for the indoor amplification of CATV signals as well as UHF/VHF signals from a rooftop off-air antenna. The output of the CTA-35/1000PR is easily adjusted using the front panel gain control with 16 dB of gain control range. With input and output test ports, the CTA-35/1000PR can easily be adjusted to maximize performance without disrupting service.

Model CTA-30/550

CableTronix CTA-30/550 is a professional quality broadband launch amplifier designed to produce clean signals for a commercial grade private cable network. Employing a push pull design, the CTA-30/550 produces high output levels with extremely low distortion and harmonic content. As a broadband amplifier with a frequency range of 54-550 MHz, the CTA-30/550 supports up to 78 channels. The CTA-30/550 is designed for commercial grade headend systems, and when combined with a Cabletronix CTHC-12G, CTHC-24G, or other 3rd party combiners, serves as a launch amplifier to distribute signals to a private cable network’s RF plant.

Two Way Broadband Indoor Distribution Amplifier

Model TV-451280

The DTKom Series Amplifiers are professional quality, completely self- contained, two-way broadband indoor distribution amplifiers designed for multi-channel RF distribution systems where the input source is a cable drop or the output of a MATV/SMATV/CATV headend. Model TV-451280 is a high output level, power doubling amplifier, with an RF bandwidth of 1002MHz, equipped for two-way operation with a 42/54MHz split that can operate in passive or active return configurations.

BIDA Series Broadband Indoor Distribution Amplifier

The BIDA Series with Active Return path is a completely self-contained broadband indoor distribution amplifier designed for CATV and SMATV signal distribution systems that use a cable drop as a signal source. All BIDA models have a return path bandwidth of 5-36 MHz and can be configured for either a passive (factory default) or integrated active return. When field configured to an active return, the BIDA Series have a full gain of 20 dB.

Forward Path Only

Model No. BIDA 550-30

30 dB, 47-550 MHz

Model No. BIDA-750-30

30 dB, 47-750 MHz

Model No. BIDA 550-50

50 dB, 47-550 MHz

Push-Pull, Active Return (5-36 MHz)

Model No. BIDA 55A-30

30 dB, 49-550 MHz

Model No. BIDA 86A-30

30 dB, 49-860 MHz

Model No. BIDA 86A-43

43 dB, 49-860 MHz

Model No. BIDA 100A-30

30 dB, 49-1000 MHz

Model No. BIDA 75A-43

43 dB, 49-750 MHz

Model No. BIDA 100A-43

43 dB, 49-1000 MHz

Power-Doubling, Active Return (5-36 MHz)

Model No. BIDA 86A-30P

30 dB, 49-860 MHz

Model No. BIDA 86A-43P

43 dB, 49-860 MHz

Model No. BIDA 100A-30P

30 dB, 49-1000 MHz

Model No. BIDA 100A-43P

43 dB, 49-1000 MHz

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